Lea Guzzetta, Manager


My name is Lea Guzzetta and as Manager of Guiseppi’s Park, LLC, I take this job seriously and care that our surroundings are as safe and as pleasant as possible. When I took over management, I was determined to make the necessary changes that are still happening in the coming year 9. The changes are taking place in six (6) phases, slow, steady, and ongoing.

It took time but today our Residents are happier because of the many changes in the past 10 years. We have what it takes to make it better than ever. As you can see from the ‘not so pleasant’ photos in the slideshow below, it’s kinda like making sausage – not a pretty sight processing it, but it sure looks great when served on a plate!

If you are interested in moving you or your family into our mobile home park, please call 985-384-4084 or fill out our application by clicking here.

Guiseppi’s Park’s somewhat strict background check is part of our application process. I also rely on security measures and my Residents if they ‘see something, say something’ keeping the park as safe as possible for all.

Lea Guzzetta
Park Manager