2019 Phase V for Vision

Moved to GP, Alligator & Rodent Control, Limestone, Drainage, Signage, Skirting, Electrical – Some visions for Phase V have been realized. I moved my mobile home here! LOVE IT AT GUISEPPI’S PARK! I have great neighbors and feel at home, especially after Hurricane Barry. The Residents looked after one another’s property when they evacuated, and it was comforting to know people cared about their neighbor.

In 2019 we added a few new Residents, filled potholes with limestone in the driveway, added more loads of dirt for drainage, dug trenches, improved plumbing, and a total electrical upgrade for one lot. We also offered everyone river sand to fill low spots on their lots. Before Hurricane Barry, about 90% of our Residents had skirting installed. Mine will be installed in September. And we finally installed the Guiseppi’s Park sign up front!

By 2020, we will also have the last two (of seven) trailers torn down or moved out, making way for new Residents to live at Guiseppi’s Park. Slowly but surely, we’re getting things done! Come on good weather!