February 5, 1999

Once there was a priest busily saying his sermon and he talked so very, very long. As a result, an old man fell asleep in the back pew. He started snoring and the priest heard him and yelled at one of the ushers to wake up the old man. The usher, looking at the old man snoring with his mouth wide open, yelled back at the priest, “Father, you better come and wake him up yourself; you put him to sleep.”

On June 26 I received a nice and enjoyable letter from Pearl Fromenthal Haase from Morgan City. She told me how she loved to read my column “Recollections” in The Daily Review. She said it brought back so many memories of her when she was coming up in Berwick. She said that just looking at Front Street today in Berwick wants to make her cry, from the way it used to be and the way it is today. She said just going to Joe Pizzo’s Fruit Stand to buy peanuts, candy, and fruit was always a treat before going to the picture show. Thank you, Pearl, for writing to me – and reading my column.

I saw something on the Berwick Walking Trail the other day – two grown ladies running from a small rabbit that was eating grass. These two grown ladies came running to me like they had seen a bear. Can you imagine two ladies and a little rabbit, all afraid of each other? Remember the story when the rabbit lost his race to the turtle? Well, the rabbit lost again. These ladies were running so fast that they passed each other seven time.

On June 1, I met Anna Lee Belaire and Sandra Watson in the bank. They both told me how much they loved my column “Recollections.” Sandra told me she was going to Europe – lucky girl. I have to commend Sandra for the “Top Hats” which perform beautifully during halftime at the Berwick football games. Everyone enjoys seeing them.

I would like for the band master, during halftime, to come out with his first number loud and with a lot of pep. This gives the fans a winning attitude with the band playing a loud, peppy song and with the crowd yelling and calling out cheers along with the music and laughter. This serves to spur the football team on and gives them the will to win the game.

Remember the Mitchell family which lived on River Road in Berwick? The family included Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mitchell, Sonny Mitchell, Charles Mitchell, Vivian Mitchell and Edward Mitchell. They were my devoted fans at my theatre. They were there for every change of the films. Everyday, they would sit on the curb in front of the theatre, each eating a bag of peanuts, or candy, and fruit. They loved cowboy shows with Bob Steele, Hoot Gibson and Pete Morrison. The theatre in those days didn’t sell goodies. If they did I would have made a fortune, just on the Mitchells.

The other day, I met Tee-Lee Thibodeaux at the casino. He told me that he played the machined for four hours and when he finished, he came out even. I asked him, “Tee-Lee, how do you do that?”

He said, “You put $1 in the slot machine and it gives you 20 nickels!” “So,” he said, “I put 20 $1 bills in the machine and I filled up two cups with nickels; then, I cash in the nickels and get $20.” Tee-Lee went on to say, “Me, yeh, you see I don’t lose, and I pass a good time!”

* The End *

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