January 22, 1999

Embarrassment? Yes! Did you know that one of my coffee drinking buddies – not naming him, but his initials are “L.T.” “L.T.” told us that one day at the casino in Charenton, he walked up to one of the slot machines and there was a little old lady sitting there playing. There was a large number 25 on top of the machine, so “L.T.” pulled out of his pocket two quarters and started putting them in the slot machine. The machine rejected them one time, two times and three times. The little old lady told “L.T.” that this was a $25 machine, not 25 cents. Did “L.T.” get embarrassed? He hurriedly walked into the crowd and disappeared.

One of my old coffee drinking buddies in Morgan City wanted to try out the new pill called Viagra. So he went to the doctor and asked the doctor to give him a prescription for six of the pills. The doctor obliged him, with a grin. My buddy took this prescription to his Italian friend, the druggist. The druggist looked at the prescription to be filled, read it over twice and then he looked up at my friend. And, then he looked back at the prescription, shaking his head a little. Then he looked back again at my buddy and said, “My friend, the best thing for you to do is go back to your doctor and tell him you need another prescription for a carload of these pills.”

I notice that the Renwick Subdivision Avenue comes out on La. 182, crossing over the walking trail. Well, when I got to the point, there were about seven ladies standing there wondering why the Renwick Avenue crosses over the walking trail to get to the highway. Two of the ladies, Mrs. Callie Williams and Mrs. Lawrence Van Phelt, said a nice wooden bridge over the road would be nice. Another lady, who I didn’t know, said an overpass for the cars with a toll booth charging a fee should be considered. I said, “Lady, that’s a little expensive, but I go along with you.”

Another lady, who said that she lived in Canada, said that they could have a chair lift going across with white sand all over so it would like cold weather. Another lady, Mrs. Mildred Henry, said that they should dig a tunnel under the trail and sell the mud for expenses. I said, “Lady, that dirt had better be gold dust.” And there was a small, husky lady full of tattoos – looked like she belonged to a circus – who said that they should get a cannon from a carnival and shoot the people across to land on a net. I said, “Lady, some of these heavy-weights I see on the trail would need something stronger than a net to catch them.”

Well, I told the ladies that I am going to show all these proposals to the mayor and see what he says. Me, I like shooting them across by the cannon.

* The End *