January 8, 1999

The highlight of our Christmas activities was the Christmas party held at Fanny Vidos’ house Dec. 22.

First of all we were greeted at the door by Fanny’s daughter, Molly Ann Kuntz of Charleston, S.C. I had not seen Molly since she was a teenager and the meeting was one of joy and fond remembrances. Here she was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Janet, Fanny’s other daughter, was great in her role of co-hostess, urging people to come in and see her mother and partake of some food and drink.

Talking about food, Fanny was one of the most renown cooks in the whole country. There was laid out every kind of food imaginable – muffalettos, buffalo wings, baked chicken, an assorted array of salads, finger sandwiches of every kind, and desserts – all so very delicious.

The tables in the dining room and kitchen were covered with every kind of cake, cookies, and even the Armenian version of candy, B’learwas, which is made of honey, rose water, and chopped pecans. There was also punch, soft drinks, and hot coffee; as well as warm rolls with plenty of chops and nachos.

Everything was displayed so well and beautiful, making this a truly festive occasion. People were constantly arriving with Christmas poinsettias, plants of every kind, bouquets of flowers, and other assorted lovely gifts. The house was decorated in the Christmas spirit, with Christmas candles letting off a warm red glow – and greenery was placed throughout the house, emanating the glorious smell of pine trees.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered in the huge living room, while Mrs. Eula Mae Williams played her Omnichord (sounds something like a guitar) and everyone sang Christmas carols and a lot of old songs, like “Silver Bells,” “The Muddy Mississippi,” “Smile A While,” “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,” among others. We ate and talked to old friends and sang for almost two hours. It was a wonderful Christmas party in the true spirit of Christmas!

Most of the guests were old, treasured friends of Fanny’s and relatives. Among them were Annette Bowman, Glen Ghirardi, Ann Forgey Williams, Royal and Wanda Mayon, Nina and Ruth Guzzetta, Rene Prado, Mary Ann Prado, James Vidos, Pattie Armstrong, Michael Vidos, Patsy Stansbury, Sarah White, Madeline Bouillion, Catherine M. Vidos, Joe and Barbara Vidos, Lucia V. Viator, Andrea Vidos, John Vidos, Mikkie Vidos, Martha Ann V. White, Jack White, Edward Johnson, Lee White, John Stork, Gene and Phyllis Garber, Ella M. Stork, Tammy Nice, Mart Nice, Barbara Brown, Carolee and Tommy Territo, Julius Vining, Eula Mae Williams, Letitie Blanchard, Lois and John Garber, Jarred Vidos, Pye Brownell and Martha Vidos.

This was truly a most special and wonderful party filled with many happy memories for all of us; and we thank you so much for having us – Fanny, we all love you!

* The End *