July 7, 2000

I received a letter the other day from an old acquaintance of mine who use to live in Morgan City, Lloyd Guillory, who now resides in Columbia, Mo. He is now an author, an artisan, and an architect. He says that he read one of my articles that I wrote in The Daily Review that he enjoyed so very much. Also, a photograph in “Memories” that had a picture of his two sisters.

Lloyd also sent me a copy of one of his books (he has written five) entitled Summary Justice, a mystery novel about New Orleans and Lafourche river areas. Thank you Lloyd for the book that you sent me. My wife is reading it now, and then I’ll read it.


Remember the good old days when you use to go to the Holiday Inn for breakfast every Sunday morning? Well, I still eat breakfast there – I miss seeing you and your wife coming in.


Have you ever heard of the expression: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too?” Well, what good is a piece of cake if you can’t eat it? That’s the same as if someone would give you a million dollars and say, “I’m giving you a million dollars, but don’t spend it – save it!” Every now and then, you could count it, or play with it, until you get old and then pass away, extremely rich.

Remember Tony Spinella? Every time we went to a restaurant, he would go to the restroom when it was time to pay the bill.


The other day I was sitting between two men from our coffee group – Louis and Sam. Sam has a large crop of hair on his head and Louis is just the opposite as he has practically none. Sam remarked, “Louis, you don’t have too much hair on your head; you are lucky as you don’t have to go to the barber.” Louis answered him, “You can’t have both hair and brains – so you see, I have the brains and you have the hair.”


Remember Lenis Aunsen who use to be the projectionist at the Electric Theatre? One day, he had to be out of town and he left his brother “Cornbeef” to run the films for him.

Lenis told Cornbeef that there were two sets of films in the warehouse. One was a Bob Steele movie and the other a Greta Garbo movie. He told Cornbeef to run the Bob Steele movie.

Everything was running smoothly until reel No. 4 finished. At that point, Cornbeef grabbed reel No. 5 out of the Greta Garbo container. When reel No. 4 finished, it showed Bob Steel chasing the villain on horseback – and, reel No. 5 came on showing Greta Garbo saying, “I vant to be alone!”

* The End *