June 4, 1999

Things That Irk

* Waiting in line at a supermarket behind a lady who is waiting for the amount of her bill. Then she pulls out a blank check, asks the clerk the date. Why couldn’t she have the check made out except for the amount of what she bought?

* A dog walker who walks their dog over your lawn so he can do his business!

* Seeing a doctor who makes you wait in a cubby-hole for at least half an hour without any reading material available.

* Someone who never learned any manners and blows his nose at the table. Please do not let this happen in front of Jimmy Patrick – I don’t think he would like that!

* People holding conversations from one car to the other and consequently holding up traffic.

* People going to sleep when the green traffic light comes on.

* Sitting in church when a lady sits in back of you letting the baby play with your hair with his (her) sticky hands.

* Sitting in a stadium looking at a ballgame and a big fat man sits in the back of you with garlic breath; in front of you is a chain cigarette smoker; on your left is a man smoking a cheap cigar; and on your right is Ovay Rogers smoking his pipe.

* A young couple sitting in the back of you in a theatre talking and laughing and not looking at the movie.

* You wait all week to see the football game on TV in the den — and that’s when your wife decides to use the vacuum cleaner.

* Go to a restaurant and get your order in and then two other groups come 15 minutes after you and they get their orders served first. Then when yours finally comes, it is cold. And, then the waiter wants a nice tip!

* Another time is when someone calls you on the phone and asks you to look up something for him and you do. Then when you call them back, the line is busy for about a half hour; then when you finally call back, the phone doesn’t answer – they left.

Do you believe in the Supernatural? One day I was leaving the Ber Theatre from the exit door that let into the back yard behind Louis Mahfouz’s Clothing Store. Immediately upon stepping outside, about 20 feet in front of me stood a beautiful lady – smiling and dressed all in white. She looked like a princess from one of the world’s fables. I turned around momentarily to check and see if I had closed the door, and when I turned back the “lady in white” was gone! I walked to the corner and looked in both directions and could see no one. Coming around the corner was Yonnie Newport and Bonnie Nini. I asked them if they had seen the “lady in white.” They both said, “No!” This happened in the ’50s and to this day I still cannot get this vision off my mind. Whenever I’m sitting alone, I can feel the spiritual presence of someone near by, someone standing next to me. Right away, the vision of the “lady in white” comes to mind.

* The End *