June 9, 2000

I had a dream that Don Verrett invited me to a steak dinner at Lester’s at the casino. He said he would pay for everything. Do you believe in dreams?


The other day my wife met an old friend of ours and also a former resident of Berwick by the name of Maxine Boyne Evanoff at Lakewood Medical Center in Morgan City. Maxine, who was always fun-loving and boisterous, told my wife that she thoroughly enjoyed reading my column every Friday in The Daily Review.


On December 12, 1911, Berwick bought its first fire engine – for a total price of $1,650, for which the town paid cash. A contest was entered by two young ladies of Berwick to raise funds for the purchase, with the one getting the greater amount in cash would have the engine named after her.

The two young ladies were Violet Thorguson (Scott) and Arthemise Hanson. Arthemise raised $752 and Violet raised $600. Final dedication of the fire engine was held on July 4, 1912, which was accompanied by a giant street parade.


Remember Mac Maginis who worked at Oyster Shell Products? He is the only person I knew that could tell more jokes than Joe Watkins.

Every year Oyster Shell Products would give a live turkey on Thanksgiving day to all of its employees. The turkeys would always arrive in a box car alive. Mac would always be in the box car to give out the turkeys.

Mac got into the car with a rope, hammer and nails, and tied the largest and most plump bird for himself. Well, you know Mac lived alone, but he had a couple of lady friends who loved baked turkey.

When they started giving out the turkeys, I will never forget the one that Mac gave to Shed Jones of Berwick. The turkey was so small that I thought it was a black bird. When Shed got about 50 feet from the box car, his sickly turkey died.

After all the turkeys were distributed, Mac untied his turkey, which was the size of an ostrich. It was so big that he lassoed the turkey and delivered it to his lady friends.


I saw a sign in one of our hamburger places:

Hamburgers 10 cents – Served without pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and meat – if you want the bun toasted, it will be 25 cents more!

* The End *