March 5, 1999

My wife, Ruth, got a phone call from Olive Davis telling her how much she enjoyed my column. She especially enjoyed the little episodes that had to do with traveling with her husband, Tarville Davis.

One such episode was when my brother “Baby,” Tarville and myself had so much fun together. Tarville kept us laughing all the time with his funny stories. There was never a dull moment.

One time, Tarville, Merval Landry, my brother “Baby” and myself went to a Notre Dame-LSU game in South Bend, Ind. We told Tarville if we should get separated after the game to walk around the stadium until everybody left after the game ended. After two hours. everybody left and there was still no sign of Tarville. Finally, we heard somebody walking all alone yelling, “Go Tigers!” at the top of his voice.

Another time that Tarville got lost was at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. We went to the Opry in a white van. We told Tarville if he should get lost, we would tie a red ribbon on the antenna so he could be sure and find us. After Tarville left, we tied red ribbons on all the white vans we could see.

Tarville had a bad habit of leaving all ball games or shows before they were finished, as he did at this time. When Tarville went outside the Opry House to go to the van, he saw red ribbons fluttering from every white van in the parking lot. Tarville was flabbergasted when he saw this. About this time, a police officer, riding on a horse, passed by. Tarville told the police officer his problem – that he was lost! The officer told Tarville to mount up on the horse with him. Finally, when the show was over and we were looking for Tarville – there he was riding a horse with the policeman. Tarville said he had never had so much fun. He visualized himself as Bob Steele, the silent film cowboy idol.

Why does the general public always feel that you have to pass a tax to give teachers a pay raise? The state should be in good shape today without having to pass a tax. you have casino gambling all over the state; gambling boats are everywhere, and the state is overrun with slot machines. So why do we have to pass another tax?

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards ran this state for the past 20 years and the economy was bad all over the United States. There were no jobs, banks were in trouble with closings everywhere, businesses were failing by the hundreds, the oil and boat business was down to zero. But, Edwards did all right, he didn’t gripe, he didn’t raise taxes, and yet there was nothing coming in like it is today. He put his nose to the grindstone and made it work. My personal opinion is I believe that today the money is going in too many directions.

* The End *

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