May 12, 2000

So many people have called me asking that I write more about my travels with Tarville Davis. My brother and I were very close to Tarville. He was excellent company and always good for laughs. Well, here goes one more of our escapades.

My brother “Baby,” Arthur Bergeron, Tarville and myself were on our way to Colorado to see LSU play football. On our way there, we stopped in a small town and got ourselves a motel for the night.
Tarville and I took one room and I told Arthur and Baby to get a room next to us. Well, that room was occupied so they took the room further down.

We decided to leave early in the morning to get to the game. So I told Tarville to go next door and bang on the window so that Arthur and Baby would wake up.

Tarville was sleepy and grumbled next morning as he said, “I’m not dressed yet.” So I said, “It’s early and dark outside and nobody will see you!” So, off goes Tarville, with his hair sticking straight up, uncombed, no clothes on except those he slept in which consisted of a long pair of striped drawers that went down below his knees.

Amid grumbling and complaining, he started banging loudly on the window, yelling at the top of his voice, “Open up! Open up! It’s time to go!” Just then, a light went on in the room and a very old lady opened the curtain and looked out with the light shining on Tarville. He looked like the “Incredible Hulk” — 6 feet tall and weighing about 250 pounds. When the old lady saw him, she passed out from fright.

I went and woke Baby and Arthur and told them that we had better get out of there and head for the road. Just as we were hurriedly leaving, an ambulance pulled up near the old lady’s room. We saw that they had her on a stretcher and were carrying her our. We didn’t know if she had passed out or was dead – and we didn’t wait around to see.


“I’m here because of a serious problem,” Mrs. Clevis Commeaux from Patterson said to her doctor. She said that every time she sneezed, she had an uncontrollable urge to make love. “I see,” said the doctor, who left the examination room and returned a few minutes later with a small container. The doctor told her to try this. “What is it?” Mrs. Commeaux asked. The doctor replied, “Black pepper.”


Remember when Tony Granada sent Jessie Cram all over Berwick to buy him some wheel barrow seeds?

* The End *

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