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Guiseppi’s Park, LLC (GP) (formerly Guzzetta’s Trailer Court) is a small mobile home park, but large in ideas to make things better, especially when it comes to your safety and your environment.

What makes us different from other mobile home & RV parks?

Unlike many of the large mobile home parks in the tri-city area, GP has begun using modern day communication methods in Phase IV improvements. Our goals are pretty unique to this area, high tech communication between tenants and management.

Because we are a smaller community, this website is terrific for communicating without the issues of losing your privacy. There’s a website to go to instead of Facebook and communicate with the park manager in real time, by phone, voice mail, email, text, or submit an inquiry ticket.

Or not! If you prefer to use the phone to communicate, that is fine too! Your lot and your information is private and your information will not be posted on the internet.

As needed Upgrades are in place and have been ongoing since new management six years ago. Phase IV is still in progress.

Our goals for Phase V will offer secure monthly rent payments online, but not mandatory. Some like to pay the old way and that’s fine, but it will be great for those already paying bills online, allowing you more free time for weekend leisure.

GP is thinking about ways to offer coupons for exemplary tenants who do great things for the GP community. Your ideas are welcome!

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