December 10, 1999

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

You often hear that expression, usually relating to people who are shipwrecked, floating on a raft for days with no drinking water. Water is very essential – it’s needed all the time:

* To raise a garden, you need water.

* To take a bath, you need water.

* To cook, you need water.

* To swim, you need water.

* To have a leaky roof, you need water.

* To put a house fire out, you need water.

* To ride in a boat, you need water.

* To make ice, you need water.

* To need a bridge, you need water.

* To make steam, you need water.

* To make soap suds, you need water.

* To blow bubbles, you need water.

* For it to rain, you need water.

* To make your toilet flush, you need water


I received a phone call quite a few months ago from Val Amato in Lutcher. He said that he saw one of my articles about the town of Chuisa Sclafani, Sicily. He said that this was where his people came from and this is where my Daddy and Mother also came from. He said that he was going to go there real soon. I told him about some of the places to go while there and to call me back after his visit to Chuisa Sclafani and Palermo.

I also received a phone call from Russell Granier in Aransas Pass, Texas, saying how much he loved my articles.


You know how my wife tells when the toast is done? The smoke alarm goes off.


School Prank: One day, Laurie Toups and I got together to have some fun – that’s what we thought it was.

Every day we took two or three packs of Chicolet gum to school and would leave them on our desks and would tell everybody sitting close to us to help themselves. That went on for a week or so until everybody got confidence in us.

Then, after a week or so, we brought about six packs of Feenamint gum and put them in the real gum boxes and put them on our desks. Well, next day, we noticed that about half the class was absent. Mr. Hover received about 10 excuse pads from students. It seems that they all had the same sickness – something they call the “looses.”


Remember when Joe Watkins sold ice? He had a sign on the side of his truck? “ICE COLD ICE.”

Remember John Barber had a sign in his barber shop? “This is a good place to get clipped.”

Remember the sign on Roder’s bread wagon? “Our bread is often buttered, but never bettered.”

Remember the sign in Alvin Gashis’s Barber Shop? “Shoe Shine – 10 cents” “Good Shine – 15 cents.”

Did you know that 7,500 trees are used for the Sunday edition of the New York Times each week?

* The End *

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