October 8, 1999

On Sept. 5 my wife and I were invited to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of Gerrie and Huey Breaux, which was held at the Word of Life Fellowship Church in Patterson. This ceremony, given by their children and grandchildren, was so beautiful, so resplendent, and so embellished by the memory of the original vows, that one would never forget it.

An excerpt from the media describing the wedding of Gerrie and Huey 50 years ago in 1949, included the following:

“In a very impressive double-ring ceremony, Miss Jeraldine Broussard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Broussard, became the bride of Huey Breaux, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Breaux, at St Stephen’s Catholic Church. Father R.J. Goebel, administered the Sacrament.”

The Rev. R.L. Lamury, pastor of the Word of Life Fellowship Church, the son of Mable B. Pennison, sister of the bride, conducted the anniversary remembrance ceremony. He performed the marriage blessing, prayed for their continued good health, for the love and mercy of God, and for many continued blessings.

After the ceremony, Huey and Jerri thanked everyone for attending their 50th wedding anniversary.

Huey’s remarks were very solemn and brief – just a plain “Thank you.” But Gerrie’s were quite the opposite. Hers was a “bubbly,” warm, invigorating, laughable speech which ended with her saying, “I think I am so lucky to have my mother here today; so few people have their mother at their 50th wedding reception.”

Everything had been done in keeping with the original wedding motif. The large room was decorated in soft tones of white and gold. White table cloths with gold borders covered the tables. White and gold balloons adorned the table tops, sprinkled with gold filigree.

Around the room were hung eight large gold frames of photos showing the family in different degrees of ages and activities. The table holding the wedding cake was decorated with a white taffeta covering, with huge vases of mums, gladioluses and daisies in varying shades of white and gold. Enormous bows of gold around each vase completed this magnificent effect.

The wedding cake, which was a square three-tier confection, was made exactly like the original cake. The cake was beautifully decorated with iced roses and gold leaves – the original cake had silver leaves. The original bride and groom adorned the top of the cake. On either side of the cake were double candlesticks, blazing with golden nuggets encased within the glass. This was also a reminder of the original wedding – the candlesticks were exactly the same.

A reception followed in the reception room amid a golden enclave of gorgeous flowers and gold ribbons. Sandwiches, salads, dips and crackers, meatballs, a huge pan of the most delicious jambalaya, and cold drinks were served to the numerous guests.

After lunch, there was a slide presentation showing members of the family in various poses and activities. The antique cake was cut and served, and pictures were taken of Gerrie and Huey, children, grandchildren, and the many guests.

At this time, Ray, the youngest son of Jerri and Huey, Played extra-special music on the piano. he played old favorites as well as modern songs. One of those he played, a favorite of mine, was “For Me and My Gal” from Broadway Melodies, a very beautiful song which brought back many memories.

Gerrie told us how she convinced Ray to take piano lessons. She said, “Ray hated it – he never wanted to play the piano; even the music teacher said that Ray had no talent and that she was wasting her time and money on lessons because Ray would never play the piano.” Well, you know that Gerrie never quits; so she told Ray to pray to God with her and never stop praying. Well, it seems as though a miracle happened. Everyone should listen to him play today. An experienced concert pianist could not be any better than he is – and he loves it! His music is phenomenal.

Out-of-town guests who attended traveled from Houston, and Rochester, N.Y.

This was a most memorable and hear-warming occasion in commemoration of the 50th wedding anniversary. It was very impressive, stately and elegant.

If one word could describe our impression, it would be superb. This will always be an unforgettable experience and it was a privilege to have been there and add our congratulations and best personal wishes to Gerrie and Huey Breaux – two wonderful persons and honored friends.

* The End *

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